Act I - The Age... Chapter 2 - The Healer


This morning I noticed that a mountain disappeared. I could see it from the far side of the Northern cliff. Helene says that it was never there, to begin with. She may be right. Lately, it’s very hard to know if I remember or if it was a vivid dream. I know I shouldn’t be bothered by that. The Council says there’s nothing to be worried about, after all. “Things are the same as they ever been…”
“The same…” for so long that sometimes is almost impossible to think anything will ever change. Would that be bad to ask for anything to change at all? If everyone is so happy? Maybe… This is one of the thoughts mother warned me about so many times before she left. I can hear her now telling me that I should focus on helping my people. Mine is a gift just a few can claim to have. I’m obliged to use it unselfishly.

I restore life, I maintain life, I create life… That’s what my clan do since… since… I guess that is the problem. I don’t know since when… Maybe I should not think about it. Neither mention that I just noticed another mountain missing...

Dan Bernardo