It all starts with a little dream

I’ve always loved people. Talk to them, laugh with them and build things together. So I decided to become a creative director, enabling people to be the best creatives they can. After many years of a great career in video tech I was ready to bring people together and create a different type of experience. One they can share with millions of people around the world. I believe games are the perfect platform for relevant stories, the ones we need to tell and listen to.

Playtra is my dream. To bring people from all backgrounds together to play, and tell stories we all need to hear.

Dan Bernardo - Co-Founder, CEO and mean baker.


Meet Playtra’s Core Team

Dan & Rui.jpg

Dan Bernardo

Co-Founder & CEO

Tweeter: @danbesaints


Riccardo Amico

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Tweeter: @rikicasal


Francesco Ventura

Lead Artist


Vinicius Kozupski

Animator & 3D artist


Nicola Strina

Business Development, Marketing, Community Manager


Pietro Brunelli

Concept Artist