Act I - The Age... Chapter 6 - It's all done

When memory fades what is left is legend. 

Memory says that a long time ago, people were spread around the world. Divided into countless tribes, there was nothing they could not do.  They built fortresses on the highest cliffs, they explored the depths of the world, they discovered new types of magic. They used the new knowledge to reshape all around them to what they thought was perfection.

But you know the works of people and the restlessness that comes with comfort. After circling the world, we met all that was there to be met.  

Is there anything, anywhere, that can satisfy our hearts definitively? Once you solve all the problems what is left for you other than creating new ones? And so we did.

The war was part of our past then became present and future. Each tribe grabbed as much power as it could. We burned the skies and clogged the arteries of the deep water. We created new life which could kill. Only kill.

The power, once abundant, became feeble and our traditions became hard to remember. Not much can be recalled since. 

You know what they say: When memory fades what is left is legend. 

Legends are all we have left. Our mothers opened their eyes in this world with only legends in their minds. This plain full of life and peace. The rivers are gentle, the forest is welcoming, the sun is forgiven and the nights are no more.

Many asked why some of us are still restless, looking for a past that only brought us pain. Well... I wish I knew...



Dan Bernardo