Game scope and the future of S4GE

Last week we had our 2nd GameDev Show & Tell. An event dedicated to bring Industry influencers, indie developers and gamers closer together.

We also had the chance to show the current stage of development of S4GE and get people’s opinions about our future plans for the game. It was so nice to finally see S4GE out in the wild and see people having fun with it. That was a loot of food for thought. What is the final scope for S4GE? How much resources we should dedicate to specific features? Are they key features? What new features can we bring to the game?

All those questions coaled in this morning’s scope session, where the team came together to discuss the future of S4GE, our dreams and the reality of choosing such a complex project for our first game.

I always thought we could deliver it. After today’s session, I’m sure we can.

Thank you, community, for all your support so far. We got some amazing new stuff in store for you!

Dan Bernardo