Playtra is looking for an extremely gifted junior 2D animator who will help us bring the characters of our next game to life. This is a 6 months gig (potentially moving to permanent).

You will be responsible for animating environments, characters, cutscenes and UI, as well as supporting our marketing team and their efforts to makes us famous by creating animations for events Playtra will be attending. 

You will be working with our Game Director and lead artist, finding the essence of each character and successfully translating it into powerful, graceful and refined animations that will help each one come to life. Playtra works with the Spine pipeline so being familiar with the software as well as being able to work following an Agile philosophy is a huge plus. 

We expect you to bring more than your animation skills, though. Your passion for videogames and great ideas are just as important.

You can join us only for this project as a standard freelancer or we can discuss a more permanent arrangement with shares equity options.

We really don’t care much about your educational background as long as your work shows the dedication and talent that someone who loves what she does. We are looking for someone to work locally, in central London, but we may consider remote work if you're the right person.

Send examples of your work to info@playtra.com and help create the games that define a generation.

We will not be considering agencies at this point.

About Playtra:

Playtra is an independent game studio based in London.

Our mission is to create games that define a generation.

We believe games have the power to change everything. Great games have been inspiring people since the dawn of humanity, and we will still be playing games when we're all living inside asteroids, in the depths of space.

Games push the boundaries of what is possible in technology and art. Playtra wants to create those games. We aspire to be pioneers, creating the new worlds that gamers will inhabit for many years to come.

Nicola Strina