[JOB][HIRED] Unity Network Programmer


Playtra is looking for a Master of Mobile Multiplay (Valar level) freelance Unity Network Programmer to join and help us create the PvP part of our first title, a strategy game for mobile called S4GE.

The gig will last for 2-4 weeks, starting immediately.

You will be the responsible for conceptualizing, coding, implementing and testing the multiplayer portion of S4GE.

We expect someone with deep knowledge of the multiplayer architecture in Unity as well as the ability to overcome the main challenges of creating a high standard of performance in the varied ecosystem of Android and iOS devices.

You need to prove to be able to create a smooth, reliable and bug-free builds so we will consider for this job only programmers who already had one or more multiplayer titles shipped.

You will be working with our Game Designer and Developer. Familiarity with the Agile development philosophy is a huge plus.

You can join us only for this project as a standard freelancer or we can discuss a more permanent arrangement with share equity options.

We are looking for someone to work locally, in central London, but we may consider remote work if you're the right person.

We will not be considering agencies at this point.

Send your VC and portfolio to hello@playtra.com and help create the games that define a generation.

About Playtra:

Playtra is an independent mobile game studio based in London.

Our mission is to create games that define a generation.

We believe games have the power to change everything. Great games have been inspiring people since the dawn of humanity, and we will still be playing games when we're all living inside asteroids, in the depths of space.

Games push the boundaries of what is possible in technology and art. Playtra wants to create those games. We aspire to be pioneers, creating the new worlds that gamers will inhabit for many years to come.

That is a monumental task, and we want you, independent thinkers, visionary artists and ground-breaking innovators, to join our ranks.

Redefine fun. Build memories. Create legacy...

...and tell the stories that will change our world for generations to come.

Dan BernardoPlaytra