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Based in London, UK


iOS/Android: March 7, 2019


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S4GE is a turn-based Tactical Strategy game with hexagonal battlefield. The player controls 4 units archetype: the mystic, the soldier, the trickster and the healer. All of them have unique skills and can be used in smart ways against enemies or to flee from dangerous situations. In the battlefield, players will find stones, called shards. They will deal damage to units nearby and can be broken to receive power ups. There are 14 levels in total, 12 are locked and 2 are hidden. The player must complete the game with the highest score in order to unlock the last 2 levels. The progression will bring the player from levels that takes 3 minutes to finish to boss level with over 20 minutes of intense gameplay.

S4GE will Challenge your Strategy Skills

Explore a whimsical world

Enjoy a colorful fantasy world with unique style and full of magic and fantastic monsters.

Kick Everything

S4GE uses a fresh game mechanic called “KICK”, which is used to move elements around the battlefield for devastation and hilarious effects.

Master Ancient Forces

The Shards are powerful relics spread around the battlefield. Use their power to gain an edge over your enemies

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About Playtra

Playtra is an independent mobile game studio based in London. Founded by Dan Bernardo and Riccardo Amico, Playtra’s first video game is a strategy tactical game for mobile called S4GE. Playtra is currently working on two new projects, an hyper-casual game called Loop Land and a strategy game called Heaven Nation




Dan Bernardo (CEO)

Nicola Strina (Business Development)