S4GE Gameplay


A tactical RPG for mobile


It’s time to get into the action in the fantasy world of S4GE.

Inspired by console classic games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Mercenaries Saga, S4GE will immerse you in a turn-based RPG that will evoke nostalgia to old players and will guarantee hours of fun for the next generations.


Master Ancient Forces

The Shards are powerful relics spread around the battlefield. Use their power to gain an edge over your enemies

Control Space and Time

your incredible adventure starts now: fight bosses, defeat your enemies and explore the world of S4GE

Explore endless strategies

Control 4 playable in a chess-like arena, using the terrain to your advantage.

Fight in stunning arenas, use character’s special skills that will blow up the enemies in spectacular ways. Enjoy a colorful fantasy world full of magic and fantastic monsters.

Fight cunning enemies

Learn their abilities and plan carefully your next attack. The AI will give you a high-level challenge.


Discover an incredible story

In the fantastic world of Ascending, where magic governs physics and fantastic creatures are born out of simple thoughts, a society that defeated hunger, pain and death is helpless against oblivion itself. Each character knows that they a losing a bit of themselves every day. What they don’t know is the reason why things are being forgotten and, once forgotten, vanished from existence. Together, they will search the legendary SAGEs, entities of unknown power that can revert the state of the world. They must do it fast before the SAGEs themselves are forgotten and lost forever.


Noite & The Soldier

Noite is an optimistic, upbeat, blue-eyed, dark-skinned fighter. She will rarely be found in a bad mood, choosing always to see the bright side of any situation. Noite drinks and eats much more than her slim figure would suggest - but anyone who witnesses her in combat suddenly understands why.

Noite spent a great part of her life practicing what is called “Leviar” or art of combative telekinesis. Her weapon of choice are three huge rocks which she calls Fury, Flames and Faith. The task of controlling those immense weapons make Noite slow in the battlefield. That is more than offset by the incredible power of her devastating attacks.


Chaar & The Trickster

Chaar is noble and reserved, a soft speaker with a reassuring demeanor.

He naturally puts those around him at ease - especially during one of his many tale-telling moments. His stories are often insightful and entertaining, though occasionally a little too frequent for some of his allies. Katu in particular finds him difficult, and has little patience for his tales.

Chaar understands that waiting is sometimes more powerful than acting, and that knowledge can be the sharpest blade. He will always analyse the situation before deciding the course of action.


Navras & The Healer

Navras is the game’s healer. Always ready to help, he is a listener and a trusted friend.
He has a childlike innocence, and takes people at their word.

What Navras lacks in irony and sarcasm he compensates with empathy. Although he cannot identify happiness and joy, Navras can feel other people’s sadness and suffering instantly. He will have this lasting connection with people’s dark feeling even if they are far away, given enough previous contact.


Katu & The Mystic

Katu is the team’s Mystic or, as she puts it, the researcher.

She is confident of her superior intellect and often makes passive aggressive comments, which she sees as a clever alternative to openly-condescending behavior, but which tends to create more problems for her than plain-and-simple confrontation.

Although she might believe she is being subtle. the people around understand that she thinks of herself as better than them. Katu will ignore negative reactions or just express disinterest with a muted smile or eyes rolling.

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